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Agencia de comunicacion internacional

We are your international communications firm

We are your international communications firm. We specialize in managing international communications projects with our translation, interpreting, multilingual content creation, and internationalization support services.

A company’s words define it. That’s why Attesor has a team of linguists comprised of translators, communications specialists, proofreaders, interpreters, and project managers with extensive experience managing projects large and small, used to taking on heavy workloads, and focused on optimizing procedures and ensuring the best quality control for each linguistic service we provide.

Our Values

We transcend linguistic and cultural borders and imbue each project with the essence of our values.





Custom Management



comunicacion internacional

Our Translation Team

At Attesor we have a network of over 1,000 professional translators and interpreters around the world who we have been working with for years to help our clients cross borders and reach new markets, promoting business growth, international standing, and prestige.


“We strive to be our clients’ partner on their international journey.”

Aída Cordeiro


"We analyze each translation project to provide a solution tailored to the client."

Tamara Barreiro

Project Manager

“Innovation and client experience. These are Attesor’s keys to developing its marketing services and strategy.”

María Regueiro

Head of Marketing

“A client portfolio consolidated between Galicia and Madrid, while constantly opening up new frontiers.”

Manel García

Sales Director

“We sit down with each client and translator to improve how each project is managed financially.”

Chus González

Head of Administration


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