CSR and Code of Ethics

CSR and Code of Ethics

This code aims to establish the ethical values that must be followed by all Attesor employees and contractors when providing services.

Attesor undertakes to apply this code in all of its procedures.

RSC y Código ético
1. Respect for people
At Attesor, we carry out our business above all on the basis of the principle of respect for human rights. Integrity and personalized attention are the basic pillars of our organization, where we are fighting against the corporate trend of dehumanization. All of our work has a professional team behind it, comprised of people we respect and whose interests and rights we are committed to protecting, as human capital is our greatest asset.
This policy of respect can also be extended to our entire network of independent contractors.
2. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination
At Attesor we open our doors and offer opportunities to all people who fit into our professional environment. We exclusively follow academic and experience-related criteria for our hires, regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity. We believe that multiculturalism adds value and is critical for professional growth.
Cross-cultural coexistence enriches the mind.
3. Work-life balance
At Attesor we have a cloud system and remote workstations in order to make schedules flexible and so that our employees can work from anywhere and balance family life and personal affairs with work.
4. Prevention of occupational hazards
Attesor is committed to well-being, health, and safety as its top priorities when taking on a job. That is why it provides a safe environment in compliance with all occupational hazard prevention requirements. It also promotes healthy habits such as the use of public transit, workshops for posture correction in the workplace, and balanced nutrition.
5. Caring for the environment
Attesor is a company that respects the environment, promotes recycling and reuse among its employees, and uses electronic formats instead of paper.
6. Anti-corruption

Attesor stands against inappropriate and unethical behavior, and condemns the use of bribery or obtaining profits at the expense of third parties.

7. Confidentiality and personal data protection

Attesor undertakes to responsibly use the information provided by its clients, including personal data and contact details, and to not disclose or sell said data to third parties. We strictly comply with the LOPD (Spanish Law on Personal Data Protection) and sign non-disclosure agreements with all of our vendors. We also have a secure system to prevent data breaches.

8. Commitment, efficiency, and professional development

Attesor is a company committed to professional development as a way of achieving excellence. That is why we promote and organize industry-specific training sessions. Attesor is a company that is constantly evolving, and aims to renew itself and continuously learn in order to always be at the forefront of companies in the translation industry.

9. Service quality, customer service, and fair competition

Attesor undertakes to offer the best quality service to our clients, with customized service that is quick, approachable, transparent, and frank. We do not lower our rates below market to prevent negative impacts to quality and the subsequent discrediting of our profession.

10. Responsible relationships with third parties, vendors, and public administrations

Attesor’s relationships with third parties and vendors are based on mutual trust in quality work that meets the agreed upon deadlines and standards.


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