Interpretación consecutiva

Consecutive Interpreting

​​Consecutive interpreting is done when the interpreter takes notes on the speaker’s speech and translates it section by section during brief pauses taken by the speaker.

Consecutive interpreting requires impressive note-taking skills as well as excellent communication and public speaking skills. Choosing the best interpreter for these jobs is therefore crucial. This kind of interpreting is often used for interviews, meetings, and generally events lasting no more than one hour.

Interpretación simultanea

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is the interpreting that takes place in a booth when the translation is rendered in real time. It is often used at multilingual events with large audiences.

This kind of interpreting requires a soundproof booth with sound equipment through which the interpreter listens to the speaker. While they listen to the speech in the source language, they relay it into another target language, in front of a microphone that is connected to the headset of the people attending the event.

24/7 Telephone Interpreting

Introducing ATTESOR GO-PASS, our 24/7 Telephone Interpreting Service

How does it work?

Our telephone interpreting service provides users access to a telephone interpreter in 14 languages, 24 hours a day, from anywhere.

With the click of a button, users connect to the interpreting service, select the interpreter’s language and, in a matter of seconds, can start communicating with a speaker of another language. It can be used in multi-conference mode and on speaker.

The Attesor Go-Pass service has a team of over 120 interpreters with training in intercultural mediation and have been briefed specifically on each of our clients.



Arabic (eastern and western varieties), German, Mandarin, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Dutch, Urdu, Ukrainian, Catalan, Russian

Interpretacion simultanea remota

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting

Innovation is here to stay and Attesor aims to make the most out of the latest technological advances to make life easier for everyone. Following the lines of this philosophy – one of the basic pillars of our company – we’ve incorporated remote simultaneous interpreting systems, which will afford your events the utmost versatility and efficiency while reducing costs.

Remote simultaneous interpreting systems replace traditional booths with virtual ones. The main advantage is reduced travel and assembly costs as well as spatial optimization.

It also allows us to hire interpreters specialized in the topic of the event, even if they are located quite far from it, without having to pay travel expenses.
Remote simultaneous interpreting systems are also easy to use: attendees can follow the event on their phones, both if they are attending the event in person or remotely, as the event is streamed on an app.

We offer the most cutting-edge digital solutions so you can experience top-quality remote interpreting services.
Attesor has a team of project managers who analyze the type of event and provide clients with recommendations about the most appropriate interpreting service.

In addition to offering consecutive and simultaneous interpreting solutions, we have professional interpreters that provide services right from your cell phone thanks to our real-time communications technology, saving you interpreter travel expenses.

Interpretacion de enlace o susurrada

Liaison or Whispered Interpreting

Since every company has its own specific needs, we also have interpreters to offer the simplest interpreting services:

Liaison Interpreting

This kind of interpreting is used to work with small groups of people that speak different languages.

In this case, there is a conversation in which the communication channel is the interpreter, who will relay what each participant says in the language of the other participant(s).

Whispered or Chuchotage Interpreting

Chuchotage (French for whisper) interpreting is a kind of simultaneous interpreting that is normally used for a single person or very small groups. The interpreter sits next to the listener and translates the speakers’ words in a whisper.

Alquiler de equipos

Equipment Rental

We accompany our interpreting services with all the technical equipment and human resources necessary to provide the best service and complete solutions:


  • Soundproof booths
  • Sound equipment
  • Wireless receivers
  • Sound technicians
  • PA systems
  • Etc.

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