Linguistic Consulting

We study your case to design an international communication plan that is customized to meet your needs.

Before we create your international communication strategy, the first step is to analyze the current situation: What has been done (if anything)? How was it done? What country/culture do we want to reach?

At Attesor, we analyze your content, establish actions for improvement, and create a roadmap. This is what we call linguistic consulting, a starting point in which we analyze:

o Your business profile

o Your domestic communication strategy

o Your international objectives

o Your target audience

o How you interact with your audience

o Your priorities

o The values you want to convey

Based on this information, we create a communication guide that will define your international communication strategy.



We standardize your content to avoid cultural characteristics that associate it with a specific country or geographical region; thus, your content is ready for any place in the world.


International Communication Packages

Our different packages are tailor-made for different situations and needs and they guarantee an effective long-term communication strategy, both international and in Spain.