RSC and Code of Ethics

The purpose of this code is to establish the ethical values that must be applied by all Attesor employees and collaborators in the provision of services.

1. Respect for people

At Attesor, we exercise our professional activity based first and foremost on a respect for human rights. Integrity and personalized service are basic cornerstones of our organization, and we fight against the trend to dehumanize companies. Behind all work is a professional team made up of people who we respect and whose interests and rights we protect; our human capital is our greatest value.

This policy of respect also extends to our entire network of external partners.

2. Equal opportunities and non-discrimination

At Attesor, our doors our open and we offer opportunities to everyone in our profession. We focus solely on academic and curricular criteria in our hiring processes, regardless of age, sex, or ethnicity. In fact, we believe multiculturalism offers an added value and opportunities for professional growth.

Coexistence with different cultures enriches our mind.

3. Balance between work and personal life

At Attesor, we have a cloud-based work system and remote desktops to offer flexible hours and remote work opportunities to our employees so they can better balance their family life or personal affairs with work.

4. Occupational safety

Attesor is committed to wellbeing and health as the only possible way to work. That’s why we provide a safe work environment that meets all occupational safety requirements. Additionally, we promote healthy habits like using public transportation, workshops on correct posture in the workplace, and a balanced diet.

5. Caring for the environment

Attesor is an environmentally friendly company that promotes recycling, reusing, and using electronic formats instead of paper among its employees.

6. Anti-corruption

Attesor is against inappropriate and unethical practices and condemns the use of bribery or obtaining benefits by taking advantage of others.

7. Confidentiality of information and personal data protection

Attesor is committed to using the information provided by its clients responsibly, including personal and contact information, and to not disclosing or selling it to third parties. We strictly comply with the Spanish Data Protection Law and we sign confidentiality agreements with all our providers. Moreover, we have a secure technical system to prevent information from leaking.

8. Commitment, efficiency, and professional development

Attesor is committed to development as a way to achieve excellence. To that end, we promote and organize training courses specific to our sector. Attesor is constantly evolving, and we aim to constantly update and educate ourselves to position us at the cutting-edge of companies in the translation sector.

9. Quality of service, customer service, and fair competition

Attesor undertakes to offer a service of the utmost quality to our clients that is agile, transparent, and honest, while offering a personal touch. We do not lower our rates to below market price so as not to negatively affect the quality of the service and cause the profession to lose prestige.

10. Responsible relationships with third parties, providers, and government administrations

Attesor’s relationships with third parties and providers shall be based on mutual trust in quality work, meeting deadlines, and agreed-to standards.