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We are an innovative translation and content creation agency. Our objective is to help you connect with any part of the world through an effective, tailor-made international communication strategy, using the latest advances in linguistic technology.

Achieving the utmost quality is our priority in all our translation services, which is why we are ISO9001 certified.

At Attesor we offer translation services for any of the over 7,000 languages spoken around the world.

Our translation team always consists of professionals who are native speakers of the target language, and experts in the subject matter of the translation.

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Translation, Interpretation and Creation

Make the most of your messages with our team of international copywriters and native linguists.



We have been working with our network of thousands of professional translators, proofreaders and project managers around the world for more than 10 years.



We can advise you on the best interpretation option for your event, according to your needs, whether it is a press conference, a medical congress, a trade fair, etc.


International Expansion

We support our clients in their internationalization processes or their entry into the Spanish and Latin American markets, listening to and analyzing their needs and objectives.


Translation, Creation and Adaptation

Content creation services for Websites, Blogs, Social Media and New Media. We create impactful branded content suitable for each digital channel and we adapt international messages to each culture and society.

Technological solutions

We use the latest technology in the field of computational linguistics, from CAT tools, which allow us to better manage terminology, to our own real-time translation apps for virtual, face-to-face or hybrid multilingual events from and into any language.

Our IT department provides equipment rental services, Attesor’s app for remote simultaneous interpretation, streaming translation for events, subtitling and dubbing.

Content Creation and Adaptation for

As a Language Service Provider, we are highly experienced and specialized in sectors in which communication is a key element.

Medicine and Health
Medical translation is an especially delicate field that requires hiring professional translators and interpreters with extensive experience in the sector, some of whom are doctors themselves, to ensure your content is rendered accurately.

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Legal and Patents
You can count on Attesor for court interpreting and for legal, certified, and patent translations. We’re familiar with both the terminology and the complexities of the legal systems in different countries.

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Science, Technology and Environment
In such a broad, international field, selecting the most suitable translator specialized in website, software, and app localization or in translating technical specifications and scientific articles is essential.

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Marketing and Advertising
When words sell, it’s not enough to just translate. Take a look at our translation and creation services for marketing and advertising.

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We combine our experience in marketing with cultural and historical content for tourism texts. Our global team ensure the quality of tourism translations for your website and social media.

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Economics and Finance
Financial documents, in addition to being in high demand, can be very repetitive and similar. Therefore, in addition to the best financial and economic translators, we also use CAT tools to help us improve delivery times and quality, ensure linguistic consistency, and reduce costs.

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Architecture and Civil Engineering
Translations in this field may include technical documentation, technical specifications, and manuals. For this type of project, you need to have a team specialized in architecture, construction, and civil engineering.

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Take advantage of the power of sports to transcend borders with our interpreters at your press conferences, meetings, and events. Plus, we also translate contracts, training courses, instructions for using sports equipment, press releases, etc.

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We translate corporate videos, advertisements, documentaries, lectures, etc. for subtitling and dubbing, and we advise you on which format would be most appropriate for your video.

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Hospitality and Food and Beverage
Product labels, marketing texts, pamphlets, recipe blogs, website localization, restaurant menus... if you want to sell your products abroad, you can count on our experience in the sector.

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