Our values

Attesor’s fundamental pillars include innovation, quality, and security.


We combine the most advanced tools on the market and artificial intelligence with the best translation professionals who are native speakers of the target language and professional interpreters. Thus, we obtain quality translations with quick turnaround times and we optimize terminology management.


All our processes are measured, studied, and periodically reviewed so as to optimize workflows, improve client experience, and always obtain the utmost quality.

We hold the ISO 9001 quality certification, which guarantees the effectiveness of our processes.


We’re aware that we sometimes handle very sensitive documents, and we take the security of the information you entrust to us very seriously. That’s why we have a thorough information security system.

We designed our own technical infrastructure, which is deployed to the cloud on our own platform based on a NAS system from Synology. The information stored in this NAS is replicated on another NAS system, a Synology DS2419+, and located on external dependencies. This information is stored using an encryption key from the DSM on our Synology NAS.

Additionally, we work with an ERP specialized in translation agencies, with remote access to a server with periodic backup copies.