Science, Technology and Environment

Translation, localization, and interpretation for an enormous industry that covers everything from renewable energy, physics, chemistry, and mathematics, to engineering, web security, video games, and multilingual apps.

The field of science and technology is enormous and includes translation both for engineering, telecommunications, video games, and robotics, as well as for scientific investigation and environmental projects. Therefore, it’s essential to select the most suitable translator specialized in translating technical manuals, software for apps, technical specifications, scientific articles, or website localization.

We can also provide interpreters for conferences and events in this booming sector, both in-person or remotely through our remote system.

Many research institutions and scientific and engineering companies participate in international projects or collaborate with clients or suppliers from other countries. However, scientific or engineering translation uses a very specific vocabulary that varies widely from language to language, with very particular syntax and lots of false friends. Thus the need to always keep in mind that these are scientific translations, even when translating a company or institution’s more general texts.

Additionally, we have worked with different institutions to manage events and interpreting for international conferences and trade fairs, and we specialize in the fields of energy and environmental sciences.