Certified Translation

We manage your official translations, from processing the documents and finding the perfect sworn or certified translator, to sending all the documents in the required format.

Certified or official translations are translations of an official nature with legal validity. How these documents must be translated varies from country to country. In Spain, they must be signed and stamped by a sworn translator/interpreter named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In other countries, such as the U.S. or U.K., the translator must sign a statement attesting to the translation’s accuracy, along with the date and their credentials and contact information. At Attesor, we can advise you on what type of certification you require depending on the country/authorities in question and find the right translator for the job.

Finally, we can deliver your certified translation either by mail, with hard copies of the documents and the translator’s signature (and stamp, if required), or by e-mail, with a digital signature, if appropriate.

At Attesor, we supervise each project and choose the most suitable professional to ensure that each translation is of the highest quality.




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