We translate all your content to eliminate linguistic and cultural barriers.

Our network of linguists is made up of a team of thousands of professional translators, editors, and project managers located all over the world. We have been working with them for years to help our clients transcend borders and reach new markets, driving their business’ growth, their international positioning, and their prestige.

We hold ISO 9001 certification, which guarantees the quality of our processes:

1. LINGUISTIC ANALYSIS: We evaluate the documents according to the language(s), the subject matter, the sector, and level of difficulty.

2. TECHNICAL ASSESSMENT: We analyze the technical characteristics of your files, as today we can translate files in very different formats (.html, .po, .pdf, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Office, etc.). We also have tools to adapt to different platforms.

3. QUOTE: Based on the above assessments, we create a quote adapted to your needs.

4. EXECUTION: Our project managers bring together the translation team to give them instructions and create glossaries, translation memories, and style guides.

5. REVIEW: We perform a first review of content and spelling/grammar and a last quality control check.

6. DELIVERY AND FEEDBACK: Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. We leverage the potential of our artificial intelligence tools to incorporate any necessary modifications, updating our translation memories and automated databases, thereby ensuring total consistency and linguistic homogeneity over time.



Certified Translation

We manage your official translations, from processing the documents and finding the perfect sworn or certified translator, to sending all the documents in the required format.



We transcribe videos, audio recordings, telephone calls… whatever you need.