Editing and Proofreading

Your words are your digital store window. We’ll edit your texts in any language to project the most professional image possible so that you can reach any country in the world with the confidence that your texts represent you.

We all know how to read and write, but we’re not all linguistic experts. Our team of linguistic editors have an eagle eye for writing – they don’t miss even a single comma. If you’ve drafted a project, content for your website, or a presentation and you want to be sure that it’s perfect, send us your texts and we’ll take care of:
• Reorganización de contenidos
• Improving grammatical structures
• Correcting spelling/grammar
• Correcting style
• Optimizing content

We can proofread both your internal and external communications: catalogs, websites, press releases, policies and procedures, etc.

We include revision in all our translation projects, and two different people always review your translation to ensure the utmost quality.

However, if you have already translated a document to any language, we can proofread the translation for you to ensure your texts are of the highest quality, checking that the content is consistent, thereby improving your brand image.

Other Services
Creation Service



Tell us what you want to convey, and we’ll find the right words.



Beyond translating words, we design and create content to connect different cultures.



We adapt your digital content technically and culturally so you can reach every country in the world, no matter how different they are.