We adapt your digital content technically and culturally so you can reach every country in the world, no matter how different they are.

Localization is used when we want to translate a website, software, application, or video game into a different language. In this case, in addition to translating, a series of adaptations needs to be made so the content can be viewed flawlessly in the other language. Some of these adaptations are:

Text size. The same sentence in different languages will take up a different number of characters. In a solid localization process, the maximum number of characters for each section must be taken into account and the necessary changes made to the text.

Naming. We analyze how a name or brand sounds in another country and, if necessary, we look for alternatives: Does it have negative connotations? Could it be confused with another type of business? Is it easy to write and pronounce in another language? Does it already exist?

Color analysis. Depending on the culture we’re addressing, a certain color may have a connotation that is not in line with our message. Sometimes in localization processes, we also need to change the colors used. For example, did you know that in India white is the color of mourning?

Units of measure and currency. Units of measure and currencies change depending on the country and should be converted.

Date format. In some countries, the day comes first in the date, and in others the month does. To avoid confusion, we also must adapt the formats dates are written in.

Images. We analyze the cultural characteristics of your images, ensuring that your audience in the target country identifies with them.

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Tell us what you want to convey, and we’ll find the right words.


Editing and Proofreading

Your words are your digital store window. We’ll edit your texts in any language to project the most professional image possible so that you can reach any country in the world with the confidence that your texts represent you.



Beyond translating words, we design and create content to connect different cultures.