Legal and Patents

Standard and certified translation and interpretation specialized in legal and notary procedures and in assistance for corporate legal departments.

In the legal field, companies may need interpreters for court proceedings, standard translations on legal topics, or certified translations. In Spain, certified translations are official translations signed and stamped by a translator named by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This type of service is required when we have documents in another language that are needed for legal procedures.

In the case of non-certified legal translation, the translation team must be familiar with both the terminology as well as the complexities of the legal systems in each country.

Additionally, the number of patent applications around the world goes up every year. This means that there is an increasing need to translate patents for the different countries in which an invention is to be marketed.

This is a highly specialized field of translation, and we work with translators around the world who specialize in this type of document, which allows us to ensure both quality and speed in patent translation.