Tecnologia y traduccion

Technology and Translation

We are a technology-minded company that uses the most advanced tools available on the market for our translation services, including CAT tools and specialized project management software.

We work with automated glossaries, translation memories, and style guides customized and adapted to each client.

This technological infrastructure allows us to be more streamlined, improve quality, and ensure more consistent use of terminology.

Regular Translation

At Attesor we provide specialized translation into practically every language with a vast network of collaborators around the world.
Some of the industries we work in most frequently include:
Attesor provides translation services into all of the world’s more than 7,000 languages.

All of our translators are always native speakers of the language they translate to and they are also experts in the specialized field of the text.
Traduccion medica, economica y legal

Medical Translation

Medical reports, pharmaceutical studies, records, clinical trials, etc. Given the enormous responsibility entailed by these documents, we have a highly specialized medical and pharmaceutical team.

Financial Translation

Texts on macroeconomics, finance, accounting, and trade require a team of experts with extensive, varied, and dynamic know-how.

Legal Translation

Translating a contract or any other legal document is quite sensitive, as a bad translation can lead to serious trouble. To help our clients avoid this trouble, our team of native translators has extensive experience translating contracts, regulations, marriage documents, birth certificates, articles of association, immigration documents, and labels, among others.
Traduccion de arquitectura e ingenieria civil, tecnica y deportiva

Architecture and Civil Engineering Translation

Translating technical specifications, drawings, or any other technical documentation related to construction requires a team like Attesor’s: highly qualified and trained in the details.

Technical Translations

Technical translation encompasses different fields and types of documents such as manuals, scientific texts, and even CVs. For quality assurance purposes, we use industry-specific resources that allow us to find the exact word required.

Sports Translation

These translations are used for sports events, press releases, sports equipment, technical journals, press kits, sports club documentation, etc. Our team has experts in a wide variety of sports specialties that will adapt the text to websites, periodicals, and other written media.

Traduccion medioambiental, publicitaria y de patentes

Environmental Translation

Specialized in the fields of energy and environmental science, translation about the environment is becoming increasingly important as climate change has become a global concern. Our translators specialized in environmental science will ensure you receive a quality translation of any type of environmental report.

Marketing Translation

When words are what sells, simply translating won’t cut it. That’s why we culturally adapt your texts, so you reach all your target audiences and say what you actually mean to say. We often suggest our clients use our  localization service for marketing texts .

Patent Translation

You might need to translate a patent to protect your product in international markets. If that is the case, the translator needs to understand the science or technology as well as have the right language skills for both technical and legal writing. This is what makes patents some of the most difficult texts to translate and the reason why we only use native, specialized, highly-experienced translators.
Traduccion jurada

Sworn Translation

Sworn translations are official translations signed by the translator and bearing their official seal, which, in the case of Spain, is issued by the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This kind of translation is often used to certify that the content of the translated document faithfully corresponds to the source. A section is always included where the sworn translator certifies that the translation is accurate and true to the original.
Sworn translations are delivered by mail along with a copy of the original document, which is also stamped by the translator.

Attesor oversees each job and selects the best linguist to ensure the highest quality on every translation.

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